Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Web Hosting And SEO Trends That You Must Know In 2016

Creating your own website can be a lengthy procedure. You must find the right web hosting service, choose the perfect web design, create quality content and finally, drive dedicated traffic to your website. Whether you choose to do all of this by yourself or prefer to call up a few helping hands, it is probably best to educate yourself with the nooks and crannies of website creation first, in order to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Search Engine Optimization is obviously a really important aspept of website creation, as it goes forward to determine how popular your website is in terms of search engine visibility, which in turn affects traffic. Today, we shall discuss some of the latest trends in search engine optimization and web hosting that this new year has presented before us, as well as how each of them is going to affect your search engine visibility.
Mobile Optimization Is More Important Than Ever
Up until now, desktop devices have accounted for the majority of search engine traffic, hence the importance given to optimizing your website for such devices. That, however, changed in 2015, with the revelation that over 1.2 billion users access the internet via smartphones, according to UK Web Hosting Reviews. To adapt itself to this new statistic, Google announced the Mobilegeddon update, which made it compulsory for all websites to optimize themselves for mobile devices, penalizing them if they didn’t. Now that it is 2016, mobile optimization for your website is more crucial than ever. To this end, several web hosting servicessuch as Wix and GoDaddy are offering built-in features to allow for the easy optimization of your website for smartphones and tablets, going to the extent of giving away responsive templates for free to premium users.

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